Eastern semi-final first game, the Cavaliers at home to 116-105 victory over the Raptors. After the field, Knight headed star LeBron - James's playoff win over the former Lakers star Kobe Bryant, and rose to NBA history fifth.


Before the start of the game, James's playoffs have reached 135 games, equipaciones nba, with Bryant - Bryant tied for sixth in NBA history.


The top 5 winners in the playoffs were Derek Fisher (field 161), Tim Duncan (157), Robert Hollley (155), Karim Abdul Seoul - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (154 games), Scotty Pippen (136)


Today, the Cavaliers greeted the first game of the Eastern Conference semifinals, as the knight leader James outstanding performance, his audience scored 35 points, plus 10 rebounds, and lead the Cavaliers to win.


As a result, camisetas nba James playoffs reached 136 games, surpassing Kobe Bryant and Pippen tied for fifth in NBA history.


In addition, this is the James playoff season 88 single field at least 30 points, thus tied the Kobe Bryant, their tied for second in NBA history.